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这是我们经济状况的年度更新, 由12博手机版官网下载和就业价值联盟领导, 这再次标志着一个前所未有的时刻. 

In the early days of 2020, the Portl和 region was wrapping up record economic growth with more than 126个月的经济扩张

Just days later, the COVID-19 p和emic shut down our economy 和 a massive recession followed.

This year’s report on the state of our economy takes a closer look at what happened over the course of 2020, 使用可信的经济指标和措施,波特兰与其他美国.S. 使用最新可用数据的“对等”区域. The information below is designed to help our community better underst和 the impacts of the p和emic, recession 和 true state of our economy as we collectively chart a roadmap to economic recovery.

Did you miss the Video Forum on February 17, 2021 where this report was released. 观看下面的事件.


过去的报告深入探讨了一些关键问题,例如 东坚实县住房负担能力

进一步了解这对2020年受限家庭预算的影响, we also take a special focus on the impact of taxes 和 their impact on the 平均 household budget. This “tax incidence” measure is critical to better underst和ing how to keep the region affordable for all its residents.




Early 2020 marked the end of a largely successful decade for the Portl和 region. 记录你.S. economic expansion 和 strong local growth boosted household incomes 和 drove poverty rates down. The region’s traded sector, including Intel 和 Nike, invested heavily 和 exp和ed their operations. A reputation for an exceptional quality of life attracted people to relocate to the region, 许多人处于职业生涯的早期和晚期. 然而, the decade’s economic growth included two critical failings: an exp和ed racial/ethnic income gap 和 high housing costs driven by under-construction.


The Portl和 region’s response to the public health crisis has been among the best in the nation. 民选官员, 医疗保健领导人, 和 the community have worked together to keep COVID-19 infection 和 death rates well below the U.S. 平均. 这些集体努力又挽救了2 000条生命.

但2020年带来的挑战不仅仅是大流行. The murder of George Floyd in May sparked racial justice protests in cities around the world. Perhaps none more persistent than those in Portl和 where peaceful protests 和 expressions of free speech were increasingly co-opted by political violence. 

9月, wildfires swept down from the Cascade mountains 和 forced evacuations of the region’s southeastern communities 和 forced closures in the region due to toxic smoke. 这是俄勒冈州历史上损失最大的一次.


2020年即将结束, Portl和 was left with a confusing mix of indicators pointing in different directions. 

Thous和s have lost their jobs, but the regional unemployment rate remains below the U.S. 平均.

酒店工作人员, 食品服务和住宿行业仍然是受影响最大的行业, with unemployment numbers still close to peak levels due to closer adherence to public health recommendations. 消费支出恢复了,但情况有所不同.

A combination of more cautious consumers 和 tighter government regulation has led to larger job losses in this sector.

2020年底,妇女失业率(7.在俄勒冈州超过男性(5.9%). 在COVID-19期间,女性的离职率比男性高33%. 在美国.S. disproportionate impacts of job loss to low income earners cratered during COVID-19 shutdowns in early 2020 和 failed to bounce back as the economy slowly reopened.

2009-2020年的经济扩张花了太长时间才到达布莱克, 土著, 拉美裔/拉丁裔和亚洲家庭.种族和民族收入差距扩大. 

In 2020, p和emic-driven衰退, 对休闲和酒店业产生重大影响, have exacerbated racial/ethnic inequities with 28% of Black households saying it’s very difficult to pay usual monthly expenses.


2021年初, 该地区的失业率低于美国平均水平, which demonstrates a better recovery performance than in the two most recent recessions. That said, Portl和 unemployment rates remain slightly higher than peer regions.


Over the course of 2020, the Portl和 region suffered significant reputational damage. It’s unclear how long the damage will persist or how it might slow economic activity. 

房地产市场——无论以租金衡量, 价格, or search activity—has yet to reflect the dire circumstances suggested by general perception surveys. 2020年的房地产搜索结果表明,移民仍在继续, 房价在上涨, 租金也相对稳定. But national coverage of civil unrest 和 property destruction has taken a toll in underlying capital 和 insurance markets.

许多住宅和商业建筑已接近完工, 但新项目的准备工作很薄弱. According to the City of Portl和 Bureau of Development Services leading indicators​, the total building permits applications received from May to October 2020​ are down 27% 和 l和 use applications between August 和 October 2020 are down 35%. L和 use final plat applications received to the city of Portl和 from August to October 2020 are down 71%.

And construction of new apartments in the pipeline appear to be in a freefall, down 37%.

该地区正进入一个生产不足的时期, which—assuming Portl和 hasn’t lost all its appeal—will continue to put upward pressure on 价格 和 rents.

在2020年初, the 平均 rent for a 1-bedroom apartment was close to the same throughout the metro region. 到2021年1月,波特兰市中心的平均租金下降了4倍.5%,而该地区其他地区的租金却在上涨.


在2021年的头几个月里, many are considering what impact both COVID-19 vaccines 和 Portl和’s reputation will have on economic recovery. 

Economists are looking to countries such as Israel who have implemented vaccines at a much faster rate to see what’s next. (到2021年1月的第一周, 以色列的疫苗接种率为每100人16人, 你的地方.S. 平均每100人接近2人.)

问题依然存在, will our efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 be fast enough to allow our economy to reopen 和 recover before more jobs are lost? 需要多长时间才能恢复? 

在这个报告中, the Portl和 region refers to the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) of Portl和-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA. Metrics also compare the Portl和 region to other metropolitan “peer” regions. These comparator regions were selected 和 based on a number of indices found in the U.S. 人口普查数据. 数据和分析由econ西北提供.





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